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Second Raft

  • Donate $1500 and above
  • Sponsor Listed on Website
  • Sponsor’s Link provided on Website
  • Sponsor listed on back of Camp T-Shirt

Applegate Farms

Something Sweet Without Wheat

Brian Barry  

First Raft

  • Donate $401- $1499
  • Sponsor Listed on Website
  • Sponsor’s Link Provided on Website
88 Acres Katz Gluten Free
A&J Bakery Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.
Against the Grain Gourmet Lisanatti Foods
Aleia’s Gluten Free Foods Milton’s
American Quality Foods Libre Naturals(No Nuttin)
Bionaturae Nature’s Path
Boom Chic A Path of Life
Brazi Bites Prima Provisions Co. (Chebe)
Canyon Bakehouse Rise Buddy
Cherry Brook kitchen San-J
Cup 4 Cup Dr. Schar USA, Inc.
Crunchmaster Crackers, TH Foods Scratch and Grain
Dee’s One Smart Cookie Sweet Note Bakery – The Greater Knead
Del’s Lemonade Three Bakers
Dr. Praegers Tonya’s Gluten free
Elana’s Pantry Trader Joes
Ener-G Foods Wholesome Sweets (Tru Sweets)
Generation GF Udi/Glutino
Goldbaums Veggie Fries
Go Veggie Wegmans
Gillian’s Foods Inc. Wellshire Farms
Harvest Market Natural Foods WOW Baking Company
The Wawa Foundation Inc. Mary McCarthy


  • Donate $400 or Less
  • Sponsor Listed on Website

Kevin and Andrea Atticks
Michael and Claudette Barker
Keith Butters and Melanie Loebig
Brad and Melanie Chamberlain
Tony Charuvastra and Sarah Ruhl
Scott Clavenna and Jenifer Bosco
Gregory and Jessica Colati
Mathew and Kate Correa
Alfred and Kathryn Curnow
Thomas and Nicole Feeley
Estelle Rich
Gabriel and Carolyn Jackson
Craig and Liz Johnson
Robert and Terryl Katnik
Andrew and Michele Kimpton
David and Kristine Magee
Timothy and Elizabeth Myshrall
Michael and Heather Napoleone
Chris and Eileen Pattinson
Ronald and Nancy Salvador
Jeffrey and Christine Thielman
George and Anne Tsimboukis
James and Kathleen Rodrigue
Dena Kavanagh
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Williamstown Middle School Denim Days Program, Community of Caring,
Williamstown, NJ
Juliann Becker
YourCause.com (on behalf of an employee at AT&T)
Lynn Rotondo
The Gluten-Free Grocer, Williamstown, NJ