Please see this article entitled Gluten-Free Camp Improves Quality of Life, a study conducted by the Department of Pediatrics, University of California San Francisco.

Campers swimming in the lake We definitely keep our campers busy having fun!  Our days are broken into many programming periods with most being by age group, but many involve all of us playing together.  We get to know each other with interactive name games, and do lots of team building and group initiatives, leading to working as small teams on the low ropes course.
The campers learn to get along with new people, make new friends, and solve questions as a group.  We have arts and crafts, nature hikes, scavenger hunts, field games, swimming, canoeing, sports, and lots of singing at mealtime and around the campfire.  The older campers can use the zipline and high ropes, and participate in the Survivor Challenge.  Survivor gets the younger campers involved as they cheer on their favorite team, watching the lake relays and the scavenger hunts.  Camp Celiac’s Survivor Challenge has become a favorite camp tradition among all the age groups!Most years we have guest speakers, such as Native American Indians from Rhode Island, story tellers/singers, and chefs to give gluten-free cooking demonstrations, which usually end with a snack that the campers helped prepare.  And let’s not forget the dance!  We have a DJ who plays all the newest songs and the kid’s favorite dance tunes.  Every year, a local gluten-free bakery ships in wonderful desserts to be enjoyed by all.  The annual camp dance is also a favorite tradition.

This promises to be an exciting year!