Getting excited for camp?  We are too!  You received a Suggested Packing List with your confirmation email, and it is on our website too, but just in case, see below.

Camp Celiac
Suggested Packing List

​Please clearly label all items with first and last name. Help prevent them from being lost or left at camp by making a complete list of articles and taping it inside the camper’s suitcase and include your camper in the actual packing process so he/she will know where things can be found.  The below are suggestions as you pack, to help you think of things you might have forgotten.​

  1. Sleeping bag or twin size sheets, pillow, and a light blanket (sometimes it gets cold at night!)​
  2. Bath Towels ​
  3. Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, comb, brush, toothbrush/toothpaste, feminine products, etc.) and something with which to carry their toiletries and change of clothes/towel to the bathhouse. ​
  4. Shower shoes​
  5. Laundry Bag (to take home dirty clothes)​
  6. Sunscreen and Bug spray
  7. Rain Coat (poncho), rain boots
  8. Long pants (Jeans)
  9. Sneakers that tie (suggest two pairs in case one gets wet)
  10. Swimsuit and Towel for lake
  11. Plastic pants hanger with clips (for wet towels in case it is raining on the outside clothesline)
  12. Pre-addressed, stamped envelopes and stationery to write home, books, magazine, or other quiet activities for Feet on Bunk rest period each day.
  13. Sweatshirt
  14. Flashlight, batteries
  15. Medication authorized by a doctor on the appropriate med form, in prescription labeled bottles only
  16. Camera and film​

We do have a dance one night, so if you choose to, you can pack one nice short/shirt outfit for that, keeping in mind this is a camp dance, so make sure it is not expensive or inappropriate.​

Do Not Bring The Following:

Food, gum, candy, snacks of any kind…it attracts mice and chipmunks!
Cell phone, iPod, radio, handheld game, CD player, DVD player, Video games or any electronic devices; bikes, skateboards, hoverboards, etc.
Anything valuable that you would not want to lose.

See, Blogs, for up-to-date information.

See you soon!