We are looking forward to August and hope you are too!  See the following important information.

Camper check-in will begin on Sunday, August 4 and will be STAGGERED BY AGE:

  • 14-16-year-olds can check in beginning at 3:30 PM.
  • 11-13-year-olds can check in beginning at 4:00 PM.
  • 8-10-year-olds can check in beginning at 4:30 PM.

We will have three lines to make this as smooth as possible. If you have two campers in different age groups, you are welcome to check in both at the youngest camper’s time. Please do not arrive early as we will be in Staff Training all day and will not start check-in any earlier than 3:30 PM and will then adhere to the staggered times.​

Check-out will be Friday, August 9, promptly at 1:30 PM. Please do not be late as many of our staff have flights to catch and they cannot leave until all campers are picked up. Please don’t make these dedicated individuals miss their flights! We appreciate your consideration about not asking for early pick-up on Friday. We have limited staff and a very busy day on Friday; it is difficult and time-consuming for several check-out personnel to stop what they are doing, just for one camper. Please keep in mind camp is run by volunteers.  We appreciate your understanding. 

As you help your child prepare for the camp program, allow me to share some advice that can help you understand and enable that experience further. For many children, this is their first time away from home in a camp setting. Some will feel apprehensive about managing their diets. Please assure them that they don’t need to question or fear any of the foods that will be served at camp. Great steps have been taken to ensure the safety of all food served during the week. The kitchen will be closed to all other groups and will only be preparing gluten-free meals for the duration of the time Camp Celiac is on site. Spend time together discussing how camp staff has been educated and that all food has been researched, so you can put their minds to rest.

Also, your child might feel more value toward the camp experience if he/she participates in the preparation. An experienced camper can take more responsibility for these preparations and should be encouraged to do so. Plan ahead for special camp supplies or necessities for your child so that you are not caught in a last minute rush or financial bind. Such items make good gifts and can help your child anticipate camp and feel your support for getting ready.

Your child’s possessions are important. Help prevent them from being lost or left at camp by making a complete list of articles and taping it inside their suitcase. Mark all items with your child’s name (first and last) or better yet, see this link to get fun labels that also serve as a fund-raiser for camp! http://www.oliverslabels.com/campceliac. Encourage your camper to help pack so they will know where things are once they get to camp. Please remember that no electronic devices are allowed at camp, so leave at home iPods, radios, handheld games, and cell phones. Please also do not send money or food/snacks with your camper. Food is not allowed in the living areas as it attracts chipmunks and other critters. We do have a dance one night, so if you choose to, you can pack one nice short/shirt outfit for that: please keep in mind that this is a camp dance, so make sure it is not expensive or inappropriate.

Try to make registration day and parting as smooth as possible. Parents’ anxiety and worry may unnecessarily upset a child. Mail a card or letter to your camper as soon as you get home and be sure to deliver on all promised mail. Let all your letters be supportive of your child’s experience, rather than the mushy missing-you type. Campers will have time to write home so be sure to send stationery and postage. Pre-addressing the envelopes makes for easy letter writing for your child.

Campers will not phone home. If a problem arises, a staff member will contact you.  But we don’t anticipate any problems, just lots of fun!

Mike Richman, Laura Hahn Carroll and I thank you for sharing your family with us and encourage you to email if you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your child’s camp experience.

​Denise Segreti
Co-Director, Camp Celiac