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Make sure you mark your calendars! Plan to be back at Camp Celiac from August 8th through August 13, 2021. Registration will open on or about February 1st. Check your emails and this site for more information on registration before then.

ALSO – In the coming months, the Camp Celiac website will be reconstructed to bring it up to date. Just an FYI if things look a bit ‘different’…..

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Camp Celiac is a camp for children with Celiac Disease.  We are not staffed to handle other complex medical issues (such as Type 1 Diabetes). Please contact us by email at, prior to registering, as we may or may not be able to accept your camper.
Please also note that the only additional food allergy we can accommodate is lactose-free.  We are unable to accommodate dairy free or nut free campers.

Camp Celiac Camper Health Disclaimer:

The goal of Camp Celiac is to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for children with a focus on Celiac Disease specifically. While we at Camp Celiac would like to care for as many children as possible, we are not staffed or trained to handle significant physical, emotional, or behavioral issues that would detract from providing care to our population as a whole. This is a volunteer-staffed camp and our staffing resources are not at the appropriate level to best care for a child with significant issues. Please use your best judgment to determine if Camp Celiac is the right environment to meet your child’s needs. Camp Celiac is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Investment in time and resources has already been made before camp starts, so if you are asked to pick up your child during camp week, your camper’s tuition will not be refunded.


What is Camp Celiac?
How do I register my child for Camp Celiac?
Are there Need-Based Grants available?
How do I volunteer as a Counselor or a Camp Nurse?

What is Camp Celiac?
Camp Celiac is a one-week summer camp for approximately 145 children and youth with Celiac Disease, ages 8-16. It is located at the site of Camp Aldersgate in beautiful North Scituate, Rhode Island. The property is situated on 230 acres of woods, fields, and trails, and includes a lake, waterfront cabins, woodside cabins, dining hall, solar bathhouse, a retreat center (including a great hall, sleeping areas, and four lavatories with showers), and a health lodge.

Camp Celiac and Camp Aldersgate have developed layers of safety measures over the years to ensure a safe gluten-free environment. Camp Celiac provides two full time, registered nurses who handle all non-emergency medical needs, including administering medications. Emergency medical transportation is available within seven to ten minutes.

How do I register my child for Camp Celiac?
We encourage early registration as camp fills very quickly. Camp applicants are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Campers must be age 8 and not older than 16 by the first day of camp to be eligible. Campers are assigned to living spaces by gender and age. Although an effort will be made to accommodate a roommate request, we cannot guarantee to meet the request. Any such request must be made during the registration process for consideration.

The link to our online Camper Registration will be posted on this website at the top of the HOME page on or about February 1 each year. 

Once a Registration is completed, an email will be sent to you advising that your child has been assigned a spot at camp.  It is important that you take whatever steps are appropriate for your email environment to ensure that is not flagged as Spam or Junk.  The email will contain a link to forms that must be returned no later than June 1 to maintain your child’s spot at camp. An email will also be sent if camp has been filled and your child has been placed on the Waiting List.

If the bed availability listed in the box on the HOME page shows an age/gender group is full, please proceed with registration to be placed on the Waiting List.

Are there need-based grants available?
We do have a very limited number of need-based grants available, but you still must register for camp and provide full payment at the time of registration, in order to be guaranteed a spot at camp. If and when a need-based grant is awarded, your payment will be returned. Please see further information under the Need-Based Grant Program section on this website.

How do I volunteer as a Counselor or a Camp Nurse?
Many of our staff return year after year, but there are times when family or work commitments prevent that. So, we are always on the lookout for new volunteers. Camp Celiac covers the expense of camp fees for volunteer staff in exchange for their services for the week. We do not cover any travel fees however, and there is a small fee for background reference checks. Staff is required to come to camp early, typically the day before camp starts, for training. Camp Celiac counselors are required to be at least 24 years of age to be eligible, and new volunteers will be interviewed by phone prior to acceptance and placement.

If interested, visit the volunteers page.

For more information contact: