Volunteers needed

Camp Celiac is run exclusively by volunteers! Volunteering at Camp Celiac is a fun and rewarding experience. We have volunteers that have returned year after year who seem to say the same thing, “It is the best week of the year!”  Camp can also exhausting, and demanding so it’s not for everyone. However, for those willing to accept the challenge, volunteering at Camp Celiac is an opportunity to unplug and work with some of the best kids you will ever meet.

Who are the volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all over the country. They are parents and family members of campers, folks with Celiac themselves, friends of those who live with Celiac, and now after 23 years we are proud to welcome back former campers as part of our crew!

Our volunteers are business owners, teachers, engineers, firemen, architects, chefs, you name it! Everyone brings their uniqueness to the experience and we all benefit from the variety!

What are the requirements?

Applicants must be age 25 or older, in good health, and willing to work hard. (Oh, and have LOTS of fun!) We also occasionally offer CIT (Counselor In Training) positions for those between 21 and 25.

Meals and lodging are provided by Camp Celiac but volunteers are required to submit to and pay for a criminal background check.

Camp Celiac provides both online video training prior to camp as well as on-site training.

What are the roles available for volunteers?

Most of our volunteers serve as counselors for our campers. They are responsible for a small group of children and accompany them thoughout their daily activities. Our volunteers provide a safe space for the kids to be engaged, silly, creative and to try new things. As we are an overnight camp, counselors stay with the campers in cabins.

We also are always looking for those with kitchen and nursing experience!

Are you interested? Download the application!

Have questions? Email us: info@campceliac.org

Camp Celiac will review all applications and if selected, you will be contacted to set up an interview.