Camp Policy Statements

COVID-19 Update (as of 5/25/2022):

The items below are our current updates regarding Camp Celiac’s policies specific to COVID-19 for 2022. Please familiarize yourself with the items below PRIOR to registering for camp. These are subject to change as local, state and federal guidelines continue to be modified.

Due to additional costs associated with opening and operating Camp Celiac safely this summer, Camp Celiac will be adding a one-time, non-refundable “COVID Fee” of $200 to each camper’s registration. The fee will cover additional supplies and items needed this year specifically due to COVID. 

We feel that our campers need Camp Celiac more than ever, but given the situation of the pandemic all campers/families MUST be aware of and agree to the following before registration. Camp Celiac will be strict with rules around COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our campers and volunteers. Camp Celiac reserves the right to add additional regulations or potentially cancel camp for 2022 at any time for issues relating to COVID-19.

  • We all must abide by the Rhode Island Travel Restrictions as well as guidelines from the American Camp Association at the time of camp. This may cause some significant limitations that we all must prepare for including possible quarantine time pre-camp or potential last-minute cancelations if travel restrictions prevent staff and volunteers from entering.
  • All campers/families are responsible for being aware of and abiding by their home states’ rules and regulations of travel.
  • ALL campers and volunteers MUST provide proof of FULL vaccination, including applicable boosters.
  • Upon arrival to camp, prior to check-in, ALL campers and ANYONE in the vehicles:
    1. Will be temperature checked
    2. Will need to self-administer a rapid COVID-19 test (provided by the family) under the supervision of Camp Celiac staff
  • All campers will be required to bring six (6) additional rapid tests to be used for daily testing.
  • Any camper with a fever (100.4° or over as per CDC regulations), with COVID-19-like symptoms, or a positive rapid test will be turned away and NOT be allowed to check-in to camp.
  • Any camper with a fever (100.4° or over as per CDC regulations), with COVID-19-like symptoms, or a positive rapid test during the week of camp will require immediate pick-up.
  • All parents/guardians must be reachable AT ALL TIMES during the week.
  • All parents/guardians must be within 5 hours of camp for possible early pick-up in an emergency.
  • We will be outdoors more than ever – MUST HAVE – Poncho, Rain Foot Wear, and any other weather-related gear.
  • Each camper must bring a minimum of 10 face coverings to camp. (Disposable masks are preferred)
  • Upon arrival for check-out, ONE adult per family will need to self-administer a rapid COVID test under the supervision of Camp Celiac Staff. Once the test is confirmed to be negative ONLY that person will be allowed to proceed to check-out.

Please understand we are taking this very seriously as the health and safety of our campers and staff are our top priority. The above items are subject to change as protocols regarding COVID continue to evolve.

Camp Celiac Camper Health Disclaimer:

Camp Celiac is a camp for children with Celiac Disease.  We are not staffed to handle other complex medical issues (such as Type 1 Diabetes). Please contact us by email at, prior to registering, as we may or may not be able to accept your camper.
The goal of Camp Celiac is to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for children with a focus on Celiac Disease specifically. While we at Camp Celiac would like to care for as many children as possible, we are not staffed or trained to handle significant physical, emotional, or behavioral issues that would detract from providing care to our population as a whole. This is a volunteer-staffed camp and our staffing resources are not at the appropriate level to best care for a child with significant issues. Please use your best judgment to determine if Camp Celiac is the right environment to meet your child’s needs. Camp Celiac is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Investment in time and resources has already been made before camp starts, so if you are asked to pick up your child during camp week, your camper’s tuition will not be refunded

Additional Allergy Statement:

Camp Celiac will not be able to accommodate any other dietary intolerances, allergies and/or sensitivities (other than gluten free and lactose free). We are unable to accommodate dairy free or nut free campers. While Camp Celiac does not use foods containing nuts, our foods are not certified nut free. Many of our gluten-free foods are labeled as being processed on equipment where nuts are also processed. Due to this risk of cross contamination and danger to susceptible children, Camp Celiac CANNOT accept campers with nut allergies/sensitivities/intolerances. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.

Gender Identity Policy:

Camp Celiac has adopted the guidelines and polices for gender identity that follows what our partner Camp Aldersgate practices.

  1. We strive to secure every camper’s right and expectations to fully experience camp free from prejudice and harassment.
  2. We supervise campers to prevent and address any gender or identity-based slurs or bullying.
  3. We allow campers to self-determine their gender identity and expression.
  4. We talk before and during camp with parents and caregivers of trans* and gender non-conforming campers about how best to structure the camp experience.
  5. We ask for and use the campers’ preferred names and pronouns.
  6. We respect campers’ right to privacy by not disclosing a camper’s gender identity, rather allowing them to choose if and when they share it. A camper’s trans* identity is treated as confidential medical information.
  7. If a camper shares that he/she/they (or a family member or friend) is or might be trans* or gender non-conforming, we respond with compassion and support and help campers identify resources for further help and reflection.
  8. We assign campers to cabins that match their gender identity (see #3 above).
  9. If a camper decides to disclose a different identity while at camp than the one that was indicated in registration, then at the discretion of the camp director, parents will be contacted only if the camper wishes to change cabins.
  10. We don’t expect our campers to follow or adhere to traditional gender stereotypes.
  11. We endeavor to provide whenever possible private changing rooms and bathrooms for any camper who desires such privacy.
  12. We designate the gender marker in our camper database as requested by parents/caregivers or campers.
  13. In the event of a medical emergency, we share pertinent information only as necessary to  care for the camper, as we do for any other emergency situation.
  14. We provide gender affirming medications and treatments according to the campers’ doctors’ orders, as we do for any other orders.
  15. We recognize that campers change every year and that it may take years for them to live in their affirmed gender identity.
  16. We seek to protect the rights of trans* and gender non-conforming staff and volunteers, and to hire (provide) a diverse group of skilled staff and volunteers so that campers are exposed to a diverse group of potential role models.
  17. We hold camp staff and volunteers to the same expectations regarding trans* and gender nonconforming campers and members of the camp community.
  18. We train all staff and volunteers in this policy and in basic cultural responsiveness in working with trans* and gender non-conforming people.